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Post Olympic blues? Memes & gifs to cheer you up

Do you turn the TV on in the hope of sequins and feathers on ice only to find Everybody Loves Raymond reruns?

Do you miss the sound of carbon fibre on snow, the sight of Henrik’s pants falling down mid slopestyle air, stories of abandoned Sochi puppies, athletes on Tinder and journos posting about their hotel woes?

Here’s a little meme, GIF and silliness fix for you of fun Sochi stuff that flooded the internet. Should tide you over until the Paralympics begin in Sochi in a week’s time.

Let the games begin


You’re wearing what?


Athletes getting it on

shaun white


Read my lips!



Shoulda put a ring on it


$53 billion and you didn’t put in an escalator


Putin, sitting meme target


Zip it, ok, don’t zip it


Mogul wars


BYO Allen Key


No, really, she can


Craving more? Tumblr rocked Sochi.

The Soshi Olympics – the perfect mash up of Sochi moments for Girls fans.

Lizzy Yarnold holds up her gold medal

Swipe left or right with athletes on Tinder on SochionTinder tumblr blog.


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21 Responses to “Post Olympic blues? Memes & gifs to cheer you up”

  1. Ashley Tejeda

    I spit out my drink laughing at the mogul wars gif, as a fan of star wars I give that one huge props. There should have been a couple of gifs from the twitter photos on how badly sochi failed with the athletes hotels. That would have been hilarious.

  2. awax1217

    An interesting take. But in a world where money is in short supply I wonder how much was wasted for a little event like the Olympics. The glitz, the glamor and Putin turned me off. The true Olympians were the people who performed and they should be the focus. The medals are for them and politics in many cases reared its ugly head.


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