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Ian Thorpe joins David Morris’ silver social media party

David Morris WINS silver in the men’s aerials at Sochi and social media GOES crazy.

History was made in Sochi this morning Australian time as David Morris became the first male aerial Olympic medalist ever for Australia. His exuberant family were there to watch every twist, flip and perfect landing as their son and brother secured his first Olympic podium with a score of 110.41 and social media went crazy.

Morris posted this humble message before the aerial competition.

David Morris

He proved a lot and many Australians woke up this morning to a David Morris social media party as athletes on the ground in Sochi, friends back home in Melbourne and even Ian Thorpe posted their congratulations on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Screenshot 2014-02-18 06.54.22

Screenshot 2014-02-18 06.51.16

Alisa Camplin aerial gold medalist of 2002

Australian olympic snowboarder Scotty James sends his congrats

Screenshot 2014-02-18 06.48.34

Australian athletes currently in the village, including three time Olympian Jenny Owens and boarder cross competitor Cam Bolton whose event has been postponed by twenty four hours due to fog, watched on as Morris qualified second into the final and went on to take silver.


David’s family, including Peter Morris who regularly dons a custom made green and gold suit were there to celebrate with David as shared by many on instagram.

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Send your congratulations to David Morris on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.


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