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Bluffers guide to Sochi week one, part two

We’ve perused the Sochi web so you don’t have to. All you need to know to keep you amused and ahead of the water cooler pack.

We’re six days into Sochi competition and if you are starting out of the loop then you can read our first bluffers guide to catch up here. In the meantime here’s the best of what you need to know from day two to day six.

First things first, Star Wars came to the moguls, downhill alpine female skiers made Olympic history with a gold medal tie, Torah Bright won silver in the snowboard halfpipe, Lydia Lassila became the first female to land a quad twisting triple somersault and American bobsledder Johnny Quin got stuck in his room without a key so busted his way out.

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.16.37 PM

Aussies make Jimmy Fallon laugh

Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 4.44.10 PM

Australian boarder cross athletes, Cam Bolton and Jarryd Hughes both made it on to Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show with his “Jimmy Fallon Superlatives Olympic Edition”. The theme is ‘the athlete most likely to’.  Athlete head shots are never the best but Cam’s Olympic head shot got voted by Fallon as the athlete most likely to ‘smoke the pipe’ and Jarryd’s pic inspired the ‘athlete most likely to see dead people.’ While Anton Grimus got “Most Likely to be Justin Beiber in disguise.”

NBC Jimmy Fallon's take on Cam Bolton

NBC Jimmy Fallon’s take on Cam Bolton –

Photo credit: NBC

Photo credit:

anton grimus

Shaun bursts the haters bubbles

Shaun White didn’t podium in the halfpipe at Sochi which thrilled the haters and disappointed the lovers. But he was gracious in defeat, and was the first to hug the gold medal winner ‘iPod’ before making the day of two kids with cancer as reported in this touching Washington Post article by Mike Wise.


Getty Images

Free beer! For Canadians only


Molson Canada tweet a pic of the beer fridge in the athlete village

Turns out there is some benefit to a Canadian passport, especially if you’re staying in the athlete village at Sochi. One swipe of a Canadian passport and the Molson brewery fridge gives the passport holder access to shelf after shelf of cleansing ale to share with friends.

British snowboard commentators lose the plot

BBC snowboard commentary goes off the hook at around 1.20 on this mash up as Great Britain snowboarder Jenny Jones becomes a slopestyle medal contender.

Johnny Weir goes OUT in Sochi

NBC commentator and former Olympic ice skater, Johnny Weir, is taking his fashion to the streets of Sochi. Just what Putin make of openly gay Johnny is anyone’s guess, though we think he could learn a thing or two from Johnny’s dress sense.

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