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Da bomb Davina


The tall willowy ski pipe athlete from Sydney’s Curl Curl beach could easily be mistaken for a fashion model. But there is way more to Davina Williams than her genetic lottery runway good looks.

Those limbs were born to fly and that’s what she intends to do come the Winter Olympics in Sochi where she will be competing with her winter flatmate, Amy Sheehan, who together make up Australia’s Ski Pipe Team (no Australian men qualified for the discipline for Sochi).

Snow It All first met Davina during a moment of self doubt (hers, not ours though we have plenty at Snow It All HQ) at a girls dinner in Sydney’s beachside Manly with fellow athlete Anna Segal and former Powderhound editor Christie Hampton two years ago.

We knew what she had in her but years of injury plus the death of fellow competitor and good friend Sarah Burke had plagued this ski superstar from reaching the heady heights she set for herself. Those same heady heights she achieved in 2007 with a World Cup Silver Medal and in 2008 with a World Cup Bronze Medal.

No one was more pleased (ok, maybe her parents, her closest friends and fellow competitors) than we were when she was announced as a member of the Sochi Winter Olympics Australian Team. Davina made the decision to ‘go for it’ a mere ten months before this qualifying season and she’s made it.

Trust us, this woman is one to watch. You can follow her on her tumblr blog and on twitter @davinarwilliams and instagram @davinarwilliams and on Facebook

What were your expectations going into this FIS season? 

I guess it was a little hard to have high expectations for myself this season after taking last season off competing and having so much time off snow, but I’m not going lie, I do put pressure on myself. Coming back and not skiing the way I know I can was pretty hard, and so to make my expectations a little more realistic I had to settle for less, I set myself a goal to make the Olympics, to ski safe, and I did that, so I’m happy with myself that I stuck to my plan, and of course I’m ecstatic about going to the games.

Davina as a little tacker

Davina as a little tacker

What has been the biggest challenge on your road to Sochi? 

The Olympics was something I’ve always wanted for myself, but the last couple of years has been pretty hard, due to injury and my own self doubts, I was close to quitting. So I guess the toughest was picking myself back up again and giving it my best. The biggest high was definitely telling my parents I made the Olympics, they’ve been so supportive through everything I’ve done, been there for me through all the highs and lows, so it was so nice to share something like that with them, they’ve been my team.

Air bag training

Air bag training

When did you decide to ‘go for it’ for an Aussie spot on the team?

It was around 9-10 months ago, I was working late nights at a bar in Sydney, I guess I kinda had one of those moments where I woke up to myself, I had put so much into my skiing career in the past and I didn’t want to let that go, I wanted more for myself. So I quit the following week and did everything I needed over the next following months to be ready to compete again.

So what next? 

Right now I’m in Frisco, Colorado, I’ve been based here the last few months. All my competitions finished last week so I’m just training at Breckenridge then off to Park City till I leave to go to Sochi at the start of February. Then after Sochi a holiday is definitely on the cards.

In New Zealand

In New Zealand

What is your motto that you live by when competing?

I’m pretty adaptable to any situation as long as I get a good sleep the night before!

Are you worried about terrorism at Sochi?

I’m not too worried. Of course it plays on my mind from time to time from all the media hype, and I worry for family and friends that will be there mostly, but I think security will be pretty high, especially on the mountain and athlete villages.

Celebrating Australia Day at Breckenridge

Celebrating Australia Day at Breckenridge

What are you looking forward to the most at Sochi?

I think just being there, representing my country and the honour of becoming an Olympian, it’s a childhood dream come true for sure.


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