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Why you have to follow the Kiwis at Sochi


While Australia’s Winter Olympians have been banned from using social media inside the the competition venues, training venues and travel to and from the venues (they are allowed to use social media in the athlete’s village see the PDF at bottom of this blog) the New Zealand team are free to tweet, instagram, snapchat, vine and facebook as they please. Time will tell how many Australian athletes comply and we have no doubt some cyber obsessed athletes will find some cheeky time for some quick snaps and updates outside of the restricted zones.

However where there’s a Kiwi there’s usually an Aussie not too far away and the Kiwis have carte blanche on social media from their Olympic Committee. So chances are some of the Aussie athletes may photobomb those Kiwis in a bid to get seen back home by their social media fans.

Which is why you have to bookmark the following Kiwi Olympic Team public social media accounts. Just in case…

Adam Barwood – Alpine


Janina Kuzma – Ski Pipe

Twitter @janinakuzma

Lyndon Sheehan – Ski Pipe

Twitter @lyndonsheehan

Beau James Wells – Ski Pipe and Ski Slopestyle

Twitter @beaujameswells
Instagram @beaujameswells

Byron Wells – Ski Pipe and Ski Slopestyle

Twitter @byronjwells
Instagram @byronjwells

Jossi Wells – Ski Pipe and Ski Slopestyle

Twitter @jossiwells
Instagram @jossiwells

Anna Willcox – Slopestyle Ski

Twitter @anna_willcox
Instagram @anna_willcox

Shane Dobbin – Speed skater

Twitter @shanedobbin

Katharine Eustace – Skeleton

Twitter @kathy_5dreams

Shelly Gotleib – Snowboard slopestyle

Instagram @geeshelly

Stefi Luxton – Snowboard slopestyle

Twitter @stefiluxton
Instagram @stefiluxton

Christy Prior – Snowboard slopestyle

Twitter @christyprior
Instagram @christyprior

Bex Sinclair – Snowboard halfpipe

Twitter @bex_sinclair
Instagram @bex_sinclair

Rebecca Torr – Snowboard slopestyle

Twitter @possumtorr
Instagram @possumtorr

Follow the New Zealand Olympic Team social media for updates from athletes:

New Zealand Olympic Team twitter @nzolympics
New Zealand Olympic Team facebook
New Zealand Olympic Team instagram @nzolympics
New Zealand Olympic Team google +

Here is the official statement from Chef de Mission Ian Chesterman on Australia’s Social Media policy at the Winter Olympics.

Social Media – Ian Chesterman- No Blanket Ban statement[2] copy

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