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Announcing the Australian Winter Olympic Team Sochi 2014

Some of Australia's Olympic Team for Sochi 2014. Pics: Getty Images and

Some of Australia’s Olympic Team for Sochi 2014. Pics: Getty Images and

Fifty six athletes (now sixty as of January 28) have been announced today to represent Australia at the Sochi Winter Olympics. This is the largest team Australia has sent to a Winter Olympic games to date.

There will be Australians in 10 of the 15 sports in Sochi: Alpine Skiing, Bobsleigh, Cross Country, Figure Skating, Freestyle Skiing, Luge, Short Track, Skeleton, Snowboard and Speed Skating. The Freestyle Skiing section is the biggest with 21 athletes followed by the Snowboard squad with 11.

While some, including defending gold medalist Lydia Lassila who will be in her fourth Olympic campaign, have competed for Australia at the Winter Olympic Games before, seventy percent of the team are first Olympic timers.

We’ve listed the full list of selected Olympians below.


Lydia Lassila, David Morris, Danielle Scott, Samantha Wells, Laura Peel


Dale Begg Smith, Matt Graham, Sam Hall, Brodie Summers, Nicole Parks, Taylah O’Neill, Nicole Parks, Britt Cox

Ski Cross:

Jenny Owens, Katya Crema, Sami Kennedy-Sim, Scott Kneller, Anton Grimus

Ski slopestyle:

Russ Henshaw, Anna Segal

Ski halfpipe:

Amy Sheehan, Davina Williams


Alex Pullin, Jarryd Hughes, Cam Bolton, Belle Brockhoff


Torah Bright, Scotty James, Nate Johnstone, Kent Callister, Holly Crawford, Hannah Trigger, Stephanie Magiros.

Slopestyle snowboard:

Torah Bright, Scotty James

Alpine skiing:

Greta Small, Ross Peraudo, Dominic Demschar, Lavinia Chrystal, Emily Bamford

Crosscountry Ski:

Aimee Watson, Callum Watson, Esther Bottomley, Phil Bellingham


Astrid Radjenovic, Jana Pittman, Heath Spence, Duncan Harvey, Gareth Nichols, Lucas Mata


Alex Ferlazzo


Michelle Steele, Lucy Chaffer, John Farrow

Figure skating:

Brooklee Han, Brendan Kerry, Danielle O’Brien, Greg Merriman

Short track speed skating:

Deanna Lockett, Pierre Boda

Speed skating:

Daniel Grieg


Lucy Glanville, Alex Almoukov


24 January update

The 2014 Australian Team has just been boosted with the selection of 2 Biathlon representatives in Sochi. Congratulations to Youth Olympian Lucy Glanville & 2010 Olympian Alex Almoukov.


28 January update

Emily Bamford and Lavinia Chrystal have been added to the Australian Olympic Alpine Team.

For the full bios of athletes visit the Australian Olympic Team page.

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