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It’s official: Perisher to build a Superpipe

Perisher Ski Resort announced today that it plans to lodge a Development Application with the New South Wales Department of Planning and Infrastructure to construct a Superpipe (22 Foot Halfpipe) to international specifications offering a truly world class facility for Perisher skiers and boarders. Whilst the new Superpipe will see Australia’s and the world’s best athletes visit Perisher to train and compete it will also be open to the general skiing and boarding public.

CEO of Perisher, Peter Brulisauer said “It’s a fantastic project for Perisher and one that will offer a truly world class facility for our athletes to train and develop their skills to showcase on the international stage. It’s been a long time in the planning and is nice to see this dream start to become a reality.”

Perisher riders Torah Bright and Nate Johnston have already claimed Superpipe medals at X Games and Word Championship events over the past 4 years with Torah Bright also the current Olympic Gold Medallist. This facility will provide riders of this calibre the opportunity to train more at their home resort and encourage the next wave of Australian athletes to get involved in Halfpipe riding.

Perisher has arranged to purchase a ZAUGG 22ft Superpipe cutter and it’s already been shipped to the resort. The development application for the Superpipe will be submitted this week for consideration by the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure and the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

The Superpipe is planned to be located in Centre Valley with access via Lawson and Leichhardt T- bars. The project will include new automated snowmaking and summer earthworks so that the Superpipe can be built with less snow than would otherwise be required allowing for the Superpipe to operate for as long as possible each winter season.

Perisher Sales & Marketing manager, Richard Phillips said “It’s exciting times for Perisher announcing that we are planning to build a Superpipe whilst we are also busy constructing the new $4 Million Freedom Chairlift in Guthega for the 2014 winter season. Perisher is certainly committed to working hard to improve the experience for our guests during their snow holidays and we are investing to help achieve these goals.”

Read more on Shaun White and GoPro’s private Superpipe at Perisher here.

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