for those in the snow

Husky Hotham

Jasper and Crystal

Jasper and Crystal

Meet Jasper and Crystal, two family loved husky dogs once destined for death row by neighbours who couldn’t stand them barking.

Thanks to Brett Haddon from Australian Sled Dog Tours in Dinner Plain (and now Hotham) Crystal and Jasper lived to bark another day and are now settling in to his pack of huskies. Jasper is thriving so much he has even been picked for the Falls Creek Race Team.

Followers on our Facebook page know how much I love a snow dog, even more so when the dog is a rescued one or the one doing the rescuing. How can you not fall in love with avalanche dogs and ski patrol pooches?

Being caught in trouble in the snow can be terrifying in itself but that terror can turn to double joy when the first face you see is that of a hairy labrador or cross breed smiling down at you through the snow ready to lick you to death just when you thought you had survived.

Good news for fellow snow dog lovers in Australia this winter as Hotham announced today that Australian Sled Dog Tours will extend their Dinner Plain sled tours to include the upper trails of Hotham Alpine Resort at Possum Flat, adjacent to the Snow Play Area.

Operating a 17 team, pure breed Siberian Husky operation, Australian Sled Dog Tours will run regular departures throughout the winter season along Possum Flat’s picturesque higher trails.  The breathtaking scenery along the trail showcases Hotham’s eucalypt forest of Alpine National Park, native snowgums and majestic mountain peaks.

Australian Sled Dog Tours cater for couples, adults and children with a duration of 45 minutes per session.  Tours include a meet and greet with the Huskies, a photo session and sled dog tour.  Each sled allows for two to five people per tour.

Tour prices are $155 per adult and $65 per child. Check out Brett’s Facebook page for gorgeous pics of all the huskies.

Check out our gallery of husky sled dogs from Australian Sled Dogs and Dog Sled Adventures in Montana.

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