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Mass murder of 100 snow sled dogs

Where is the compassion in the snow industry right now? First there was the Sunshine Village ski patrol debacle and now the sad news of a hundred sled dogs inhumanely killed as reported in the Calgary Herald.

The appropriately titled Howling Dogs Tours Whistler allegedly authorised the ‘euthanasia’ of 100 sled dogs.  The ‘humane’ slaughter allegedly involved dogs being shot in the head while running, throats slit and mamed dogs crawling out of mass graves.

The employee who undertook the mass murder in April 2010, as directed by his employer, has been compensated for post traumatic stress disorder.    Apparently a vet was asked but refused to put down healthy dogs so the employee killed the dogs in full view of the remaining 200 ‘herd’ who according to the Vancouver Sun showed symptoms of stress and anxiety during the killing.

Be warned the story as reported in the Vancouver Sun gets worse with tales of one dog with half it’s face blown off running away and having to be shot a second time while another dog not on ‘the list’ was accidentally killed. It gets even worse as those involved try to wash their hands of the blood…

Howling Dog Tours Whistler operated as Whistler Dog Sledding and are NOT to be confused with Howling Dog Tours Canmore who sold their stake in the business in 2004.  Nor are they to be confused with these twoOutdoor Adventures Whistler who contract Whistler Dog Sledding have also issued a statement saying they were aware of the euthanisation but were unaware it had been done inhumanely.

Either way, someone’s responsible and some serious finger pointing has begun as the SPCA investigates.  Meanwhile  Tourism Whistler have suspended sales of the dog sledding.

It makes me sick to the core to think that a company, and an individual, could go to such lengths to remove this many dogs from this world in such a cruel inhumane way.  Makes me even sicker to think the guy gets workers compensation for this?  If you’re a hit man in the Mafia are you also entitled?

Whistler’s Pique Magazine has a well researched story on this event if you want to read more and if you want to Hug a Sled Dog today you can on their Facebook page.

Photo credit: Rolf Hicker

3 Responses to “Mass murder of 100 snow sled dogs”

  1. Marg

    Years ago when my husband ran dogs, if we had to cull we found homes for them. There is no excuse for these dogs to have been killed. There are lots of people who would have taken them. Trained sled dogs are in demand in the northern part of BC. They could have advertised them and given away to good homes. I’m disgusted at this unhumane act.

    • jane Doko

      I am just stunned. I would have adopted a few or fostered them until homes were found. I do not understand why someone would kill such beautiful and smart, animals. Dogs give unconditional love. WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS THIS COMPANY AND THIS PERSON????


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