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Aussie media embraces the backcountry

Out the back is the new black for those looking for ski boasting rights this winter.  Who says you can’t find decent backcountry in Australia?

You know it’s uber cool when the mainstream glossy mags start talking about it.  The current issue of Grazia features Miss Snow It All’s five of the best including Olympian Steve Lee’s new half day backcountry ski adventures at Mt McKay.  Hitch a ride on the snow mobile from Falls Creek and get some turns in with the best.

Outer Edge magazine is a newstand gem for those who like to test their limits.  The mag is packed with adventure trips and tips from extreme athletes for both the hard core and armchair traveller.  This month Outer Edge has a feature on freeskiing adventure man Chris Booth in the backcountry behind Thredbo.

Yes, yes, I wrote the piece and it’s an obvious plug but the really good stuff is the three pages of backcountry routes to try in Australia.  Admittedly I have only done a couple but I can’t wait to get out amongst it this season to try the rest.  My editor, Chris Ord, would never forgive me if I reprinted the piece word for word here, he’d rather you handed over some cash at the newsagents to keep this valuable magazine alive and quite frankly, I would too.

But he can’t stop me giving you a quick summary.  Think Bogong to Hotham in Victoria; the Blue Lake circuit from Charlotte Pass or Thredbo and one mean mother of a trek in Tasmania for the truly fool hardy or damn fine mountain man with a heart of iron.  Mathematicians will realise there’s still another three to be revealed between the mag’s pages so get ye to a news stand.

Oh what the heck, while I’m here I may as well point you to Australian Geographic Outdoor magazine too, what’s a bit of harmless self promotion if it gives you some ski and snowboard food for future holiday thought? The cover story this month is a multi page feature on the world’s most intrepid ski and snowboard destinations including Antarctica.  Australia’s own big mountain skier, Andrea Binning, skiied this seventh continent with Chris Davenport and Stian Hagen recently with a spectacular photo story in this month’s Chill Factor. No, I didn’t write that piece.

But the best news is that the editors of magazines as mainstream as Grazia are open to freelance pitches on what happens off the piste.  So hat’s off and big thumbs up to the editors that understand that not everyone likes to stick to the groomers.

Finally, if you want a real backcountry heli ski trip in New Zealand of your own.  We have one to give away.  Just enter on the Fairfax Snow It All blog here, but be warned you only have twenty four hours left to enter.

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