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Tweet for Tat – favourite snow tweeters

The Twitterverse has it’s own snow sub culture where those who bond over the white stuff can play.

You can learn a lot by following Twitter, especially if you live south of the equator as overnight your o/s tweeting friends give you a twitter breakfast of opening resort facts, winning podiums and more.  If you’re in the race to be first with the news then Twitter will get you there but only if you know who to follow.

For those ignorant to the ways of Tweeterville, it’s simple. Sign up for an account at Twitter.  Once you have the account you have 140 words to micro blog your thoughts and opinions whenver you so desire.  Of course you need followers to share the joy with and you need to follow others to know what they are saying.

Good tweeters include links to internet pages of interest that support their 140 words, or to images they’ve uploaded themselves on pages such as Twitpic or iPhone videos on Tweetreel.  Bad tweeters simply put a link back to a Facebook status update that says the same thing as the Tweet.  Yawn.  Twitter is about finding something new and informing your followers.

@mashable is a tweet no one in the twitterverse can do without.  This social media guru website has the goods on all you need to know to make the most of your Twitter, Facebook, WordPress,, Digg and more.

It’s easy to find my favourites, you just go to @misssnowitall and see who I follow.  If you’re smart you’ll add some to your own list, as the more you follow the more followers you’ll pick up.

You want active tweeters in your list, those who tweet and tweet often and people that give you the news first.  As a journalist it’s easier for me as I also get many press releases sent to me daily on snow related topics from resorts, tourism operators, products and brands to keep me aware of what’s new.  BTW, that’s a plug for why you should also follow me.

Here’s a summary of some of my favourite Tweeters for journos.

  • @OCphotography Chris O’Connell, snow photographer and Armada skis founder
  • @mikedski Mike Douglas, the godfather of free skiing, creator of twin tips and face infront and behind Salomon Freeski TV
  • @snowatch Pete The Frogman Taylor is known as the long term weather man for ANZ snow fields
  • @powdermagazine A favoured mag in USA
  • @freeskier another favoured mag
  • @TheSkiChannel television obsessed with snow
  • @espn_ski more snow media

Who do you follow on Twitter?  Who are your favourite twits and tweeters?

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