for those in the snow

The countdown is on…four three to one SNOW

Snow marketers are in overdrive with less than two weeks to the official opening of the Australian and New Zealand snow seasons.  No matter how often you refer to the powder as Colorado-esque and how many images you send to the press of snow laden chair lifts we all know the season is in the hands of Snow.  One rain storm can change everything the same way a bad season can go to epic in a simple overnight dump of half a metre.

I love the press releases I receive as a snow journalist, especially the ones with happy snaps taken by mountain manager on their iPhone of staff frollicking in a metre of snow pushed up against the side of a lodge wall. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook and internet accessed mobile phones the whole world is now a snow reporter and the snowfields can’t tell porkies anymore.

This is a good thing, for all of us, because at the end of the day the mountain companies and the guests want the same thing – snow, lots of it. We also want a good time and having fun is not always weather dependent. Simply having time off work can be a stress reliever in itself and I can think of worse ways to spend the day than sitting in a mid mountain cafe supping on alcohol fuelled hot chocolate as a storm shuts the lifts.

However I know what I would rather be doing and that’s getting fresh turns on  my lonesome at Treble Cone long before the first lifts turn for the start of the season.  Check out this pic fresh in today of Leith Huffidine getting his early morning work out.  Lucky Heith!

Treble Cone on June 2 – madness!

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